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What is Sugaree Licks?

My name is Shawn Mack and I created the Sugaree Licks website with the hopes that users will visit and learn their favorite songs on the guitar and replicate the artists sounds with the actual guitar, amplifier and pedal settings. 

Manufacturers can enter their new, current, and discontinued guitar gear to the website and create a vast history of their amazing achievements. is a user based website guided by our administration team.  Artists, albums and songs can all easily be added to our website by the users.  I personally add and bookmark my favorite songs in which I am learning for future lessons, live concert footage and accurate tabs.  Everything I need to learn an artists song is on one easy split screen webpage.   

Garcia Meme is a totally free website without the nuisance of annoying popup adds, banner advertisement, and donation pleas.  It is created to be a comprehensive website to find the songs, gear, and training to accurately replicate your favorite songs.  Manufacturers take pride in the fact artists perform with their gear.  We take pride in helping our users easily find these equipment settings.  

It takes a lot of people to create and maintain and endeavor of this size, but with your amazing support we are well on our way.  If you have  knowledge of what specific artists used for equipment on songs and albums or you have the ability to create guitar lessons for particular songs, join our team of enthusiasts.  

Take a look at what a completed song looks like:

Pink Floyd:  Shine on you Crazy Diamond

Really amazing information!  If you are with a guitar equipment manufacturer and would like to showcase your gear on songs, artist pages or our equipment pages, please send us an email.  We will work diligently to help manufacturers add their equipment and display their products.  


Mission Statement:  Sugaree Licks hopes to offer a user friendly platform where guitar players can visit to find everything they need to know to replicate the sound of their favorite artists.  Experienced users can showcase their guitar teaching talents and equipment demonstrations to highlight the amazing gear in the industry. 

In 2018, Tyler Hardwick and his studio Conscious Effort Creative came on board to help demonstrate guitar effect pedals. Tyler’s team does an amazing job showcasing effect pedals with his musicians and production team. You can view all the studio’s current projects at

In 2019, Matthew Pryce joined the team and truly showed his dedication to his craft. Matthew is an exceptional guitarist, bassist and keyboardist. His video production is well crafted and entertaining. Matthew’s enthusiasm spills into everything he does.

Why did I start Sugaree Licks with a Grateful Dead theme?

Grateful Dead fans are some of the most loyal, giving, and knowledgeable people in the world.  I have been a fan for over 30 years.  I have collected their music, apparel and equipment for many years.  

The Grateful Dead were pioneers of letting their fans film and tape their shows.  Also, there was unspoken consent that fans could print their own shirts and apparel and even sell them at shows.  This is unsurpassed in this day and age.  I am hoping that industry experts will also share their knowledge of artists, albums, songs and equipment.

We can share what we got of yours, cause we done shared all of mine.

In that same vein, I have created this free website without membership fees, advertising, or sponsorships.  I hope that someday this website may help train the next Jerry Garcia for future generations to enjoy.