Flanger:  A flanger effect is a simple modulation delay that fits between a shorter vibrato, and a longer phaser effect. Simply defined, the effect splits the signal and brings back the secondary signal a short time later, creating a harmonic sound. Kind of the Boys II Men of effects.

It was first created by having two tape identical recordings, pressing play on one of them, and then shortly after, pressing play on the second one. You get that “jet airplane” whoooooshing sound.

The knobs on each flanger pedal vary, but mostly you have a knob to choose the “Depth” (How much/many peaks and valleys we will be using) and the “Rate” (How quickly we will sweep across the depth from high to low).

Simple Explanation:  Harmonic jet-engine whooshing sound.


Video Explanations:

Video: Effects 101: Flanger

Video: Has Dan Found His Ultimate Flanger Pedal? – That Pedal Show

Video: Chorus vs Flanger: What’s The Difference? | Reverb Tone Report

Video: Phasing & Flanging – What’s the Difference?


Effect Pedal Examples:

A/DA Amps Flanger Reissue Pedal

Alexander F-13 Neo Flanger V2 Pedal

EarthQuaker Devices | Pyramids Stereo Flanger Pedal

Mr. Black | Shepard’s End Flanger Pedal


Common Internal Components:

Bucket Brigade Device (BBD) Matsushita MN3207 Chip

Bucket Brigade Device (BBD) CoolAudio V3207D Chip

Bucket Brigade Device (BBD) Belling B3207 Chip


Written Articles:

Article: What is a Flanger?


Fifty Favorite Effect Pedals for Sale:


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