Through Zero Flanger:  Through Zero Flanging is created when a flanger pedal splits the incoming signal into two.  The original signal is untouched, the second signal is delayed a bit and then sped up to meet the original signal again.  The unique sound the two signals create is called Through Zero Flanging.  This sound was first created by analog tape flangers.  Digital through-zero flangers are gaining popularity.  Through Zero Flangers are sometimes denoted as TZF.


Video Explanations:

Video: “Through-Zero” Tape Based Flanging Demo

Video: Tape Flanging – How to do it


Effect Pedal Examples:

Mr. Black Tunnelworm Through Zero Flanger Pedal

Chase Bliss | Spectre Analog TZ Flanger Pedal

Catalinbread Zero Point Studio Tape Flanger Pedal

FoxRox Paradox TZF2 Flanger Pedal


Written Articles:

Article: Friday Tip of the Week: Through-Zero Flanging


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