Noise Gate:  A noise gate effect pedal is used to reduce any electronic unwanted noise.  Noise in the guitar world is usually the result of electromagnetic interference (EMI) which is all around us in the modern world. This EMI interacts with many guitar cables, pickups, amplifiers and other electronic equipment and when fed into a guitar amplifier (particularly amps with high preamp gain), can produce a lot of unwanted noise.

Simpler Definition:  A device to eliminate unwanted electrical noise.


Video Explanations:  

Video: Be Quiet! Noise, Hum, Gates & Suppressors – That Pedal Show

Video: 3 Ways To Use A Noise Suppressor Pedal

Video: Noise Gate: How to use a Noise Gate for Clear Audio


Effect Pedal Examples:  

Fortin Amps Mini Zuul Noise Gate Pedal

ISP Technologies DECI-MATE Micro Noise Reduction Pedal

Pete Cornish LD-1 Noise Gate Pedal

TC Electronic Sentry Noise Gate Pedal


Common Internal Components:

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Written Articles:

Article: How To Use The Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor In Your Rig


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