DirtyThe tone produced with the addition of distortion:  The more distorted the dirtier sounding.  Distortion, overdrive and fuzz all get labelled “Dirty” in the guitar community.




Video Explanations:

Video: Clean vs Dirty Tone | Guitar

Video: Are Overdrive & Distortion Pedals Better With A Clean Or Dirty Amp?

Video: That Pedal Show – Using Drive Pedals With Clean & Dirty Amps: What’s The Difference?

Video: Distortion:Clean Amp Vs Dirty Amp

Video: Amp vs Pedal Distortion


Effect Pedal Examples:

Pro Co You Dirty RAT Distortion Pedal

Menatone The Dirty B Amp Emulator Pedal

Alexander Defender Distortion Pedal

Deep Space Red Ghost Distortion Pedal


Written Articles:

Article: Getting More Definition From Your Dirty Guitar Tone


Fifty Favorite Effect Pedals for Sale: