Chorus:  The chorus effect is a type of modulation that is created by splitting the original signal, changing the pitch slightly on one of the signals, delaying the signal a bit, and then playing the two together.  The Low Frequency Oscillator LFO changes the signal slightly and then send the signal back delayed by milliseconds.

Simple Explanation:  Harmonic sounds of a choir.

Video Explanations:  

Video: Effects 101: Chorus

Video: That Pedal Show – Boss CE-1, CE-2 & CE-2 Waza

Video: Chorus vs Flanger: What’s The Difference? | Reverb Tone Report


Effect Pedal Examples:

Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble Pedal

AnalogMan Standard Chorus Pedal

Boss | CE-2W Waza Craft Chorus

Carl Martin Atlantic Chorus V2 Pedal


Common Internal Components:

Bucket Brigade Device (BBD) MN3007 Chip

Bucket Brigade Device (BBD) MN3101 Chip


Written Articles:

Article: Three Things You Need to Know About Chorus Pedals


Fifty Favorite Effect Pedals for Sale:


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