Buffer:  A buffer is an active electronic circuit that keeps your guitar signal strong and preserves the frequencies of your guitar sound. If you have a good patch cord that’s not too long, and plug directly into your amp, that is the purest sound you can get, and you don’t need a buffer. If you have long patch cords or a bunch of effects pedals, or a pedal with a weak output, a buffer can help get your sound back to the pure tone you are looking for.

Simple Definition:  A buffer cleans up the signal.


Video Explanations:  

Video: “Why You Need A Buffer” JHS VLOG

Video: What is a Buffer?

Video: That Pedal Show – Buffers, True Bypass & Unimaginable Excitement


Effect Pedal Examples:

TC Electronic BonaFide Mini Buffer Pedal

Xotic Super Clean Buffer Pedal

Empress Buffer Pedal

Area 51 Tone The Box Buffer Pedal


Common Internal Components:

Buffer PCB Board


Written Articles:

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Fifty Favorite Effect Pedals for Sale:


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