BoostThe Boost effect was created to increase the volume (gain) of the guitar’s signal before it hits the input stage on your amp.  It does this without adding distortion to the signal or making any EQ adjustments. The output from the boost pedal is clean, or some would call transparent. A common use for the boost pedal is to increase the volume of a guitar solo to stand out above and beyond the other instruments.  Many effect pedal manufacturers have added a separate boost switch into their other effect pedals to create an easy to use pedal combination.

Different Types of Boost Pedals:  Clean Boost:  Increases volume while maintaining equalizer settings.  Treble Boost:  Increases the trebles gain while maintaining the current mids and lows.

Simple Definition:  Boost adds volume.

Video Explanations:

Video: “Why You NEED Boost Pedals” JHS VLOG #7

Video: Boost Pedal Placement

Full Frequency Boosts vs. Tubescreamer Type Boosts in Front of Distortion

That Pedal Show – Four Types Of Booster: Which One For You?


Effect Pedal Examples:

EarthQuaker Devices Arrows Preamp Boost

Duesenberg Gold Boost

J. Rockett Archer Clean Color Boost

Pigtronix Class A Boost

Dallas Musical Rangemaster Treble Boost


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